By Mike Busch

With help from Jim Botta, we have compiled some of the best images from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group this week.   Some notable finds include more Painted Buntings, Yellow Breasted Sapsucker, Fish Crow and a Cackling Goose.  This week’s cover shot goes to Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano with a fantastic shot of a Northern Shoveler in flight.  Also don’t miss a few more great videos from Natalie Ann on Page 8!


Painted Bunting – Sharon Dorsey

Belted Kingfisher & Lunch – John Bustamante

Black Scoter – Barbara Lash

Black Squirrel – Kimberly Lechner Sanchez

Long-Tailed Duck – Jeff Gross

Northern Harrier – Dan Fiore

Painted Bunting – Diane Van Dyke Greco

Peregrine Falcon – John M Martello

Bald Eagle at the Ocean – Liana Merenda-Jonas

Red Fox – Britni Ann

More Images on Pages 2-8