By Mike Busch

The Long Island Wildlife Photography group had a great week and thanks to Jim Botta we have compiled some of the best images on the 9 pages below.

Notable finds this week include grey seals, hooded warbler, Lincoln’s sparrow, whimbrels, black scoter, and a number of migrating warblers and raptors.

This week’s cover shot goes to Christopher Carl with a beautiful northern harrier.

Feel free to share and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

American Kestrel – Daryl Ramrattan

American Oystercatcher – Greg Wagner

Bald Eagle & Red-Tailed Hawk – Luisa Pericoli

Black Squirrel – Sandie Lipsky Charlack

Cedar Waxwing – Heff Stoppe

Common Yellowthroat – John M Martello

Grey Seal – Brian Doherty

Green Heron – Bob Schmitz

Hooded Warbler – Marjorie Huggins

More Photos on Pages 2-9