By Mike Busch

With the usual big help from Jim Botta, we have picked out some of the best photos and videos this week from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group.  Some notable finds this week include Flying Squirrels, Snow Buntings, Red Crossbills, Ring-Necked Duck, Eared Grebe, Snow Geese,  Long Tailed Duck, Eastern Wood-Pewee, White-Winged Scoter, Black Scoter, and a Barrow’s Goldeneye.  Many of these are the first of the season!

This week’s cover goes to Jill Wiegold Wendling with an incredible shot of a Bald Eagle about to catch a fish or eel out of the water.

If you have a few minutes, try to check out all 9 pages and feel free to share with a friend!

Wild Turkey – Irene Stern

Merlin – Meryl Lorenzo

Northern Cardinal – Raina Angelier

Northern Pintail – Jim Botta

Peregrine Falcon – Brian Doherty

Red Crossbill – Lisa Glass Fiebert

Red-Tailed Hawk – Brian Doherty

Ring-Necked Duck – Robin Fisher

Snow Bunting – Daryl Ramrattan