By Mike Busch

The Long Island Wildlife Photography group continues to grow and should pass the 15,000 member mark over the next few weeks.     Membership is also incredibly active with over 156,000 posts, comments and reactions for the last 30 days.  As I put together this column last night I couldn’t believe how many incredible shots I missed during the week.  Thanks to each and every member for helping make this such a great group.  I am sure many of you have friends that have no idea how much incredible wildlife is all around us, feel free to direct them to the page or share this column with them.

I have been very stretched for time lately and would not be able to put this together without Jim Botta watching the site like a hawk and picking out some of the best photos every day.  There is so much content on the page even the best photos can get lost in the shuffle.  Thanks Jim!

After I load Jim’s photos up I usually take a spin through the page and pick out another 10 or 20 images, unfortunately my site is not allowing me to load any more content for some reason.  I will save these for next week and make a bigger column if I can get this fixed.

Asia Lee gets this week’s cover shot with a beautiful female Cardinal in the snow.

Try to check out all 7  pages and have a great weekend!

American Wigeon – Daryl Ramrattan

Belted Kingfisher – Tony Fanni

Buck – Kathleen Balsamo

Cooper’s Hawk – Dan Fiore

Harbor Seal – Trish Minogue Collins

Harlequin Ducks – Brian Doherty

Northern Cardinal – Asia Lee

Horned Lark – Barbara Lash

Marbled Godwit – Jim Botta

More Images on Pages 2-7