By Mike Busch 12-28-19

Despite all the shopping and preparation for the holidays, members of the Long Island Wildlife Photography group found the time to share some more amazing shots this week.  With help from Jim Botta, we have put together 8 pages of just some of the best photos this week.  Highlights include Rough Legged Hawks, Common Gallinule, Turkey Vulture, Horned Lark, and a Barnacle Goose.  In addition we have a fantastic variety of raptors, eagles, and winter ducks as well.  This week’s cover goes to Dan Fiore with an incredible photo of a pair of Bald Eagles together.

Unfortunately, we had some reports of some unethical photographers harassing and chasing a Snowy Owl around on Christmas morning.  Apparently, this was not just getting too close, it was aggressive teamwork to flush the owl for a photo.  I am sure they are not members of our group but it just re-enforces our policy of not allowing locations to be posted.  We get a lot of push back on the policy but it will not change.  Half the fun is finding things on your own anyway.   If anyone sees people harassing any Snowy Owls, PLEASE report it by calling the following numbers:

NY State Park Police: 631-321-3700

NYS DEC Police: 877-457-5680

DEC Hotline: 844-332-3267

As a reminder, we do now allow Snowy Owl photos on the LIWL page while they are here but will certainly feature the best photos when they head back to the tundra in late Winter or early Spring.

If you have a few minutes try to scroll through all 8 pages and feel free to share!

Red Fox – Jimmy Johnny

Rough-Legged Hawk – Lisa Wollerstein-Whitmore

Pair of Bald Eagles – Dan Fiore

Northern Harrier – Christopher Carl

Long-Tailed Duck – Dan Fiore

Harbor  Seal – Virginia Faulkner

Double-Crested Cormorant & Lunch – Nancy Viscardi-Ricigliano

Common Gallinule – Bob Schmitz

More Photos on Pages 2 -8