By Mike Busch

March 1st marks the start of meteorological Spring (official start is the 21st) and the start of the Spring Migration.

The earliest arrivals during the first week of March include Pied-Billed Grebe,  Eastern Bluebird, Killdeer, Wood Duck, Robin, Rusty Blackbirds, Fox Sparrow and Song Sparrow.  You will see most of these below, posted by members of the Long Island Wildlife Photography Group.

Many of these also have Winter populations that stay on Long Island so it is hard to decipher whether they are residents or not but the quantity will definitely be going up!

There is still time to catch some of the winter ducks before they leave and many of us are keeping an eye to the sky for the first Osprey to arrive.

Other notables this week include a Snow Goose, Pileated Woodpecker and a bunch of Harbor Seals that will still hang around for another month or so, including the cover shot by Cat Yellen-Rebennack.

Stay safe in the storm!

Vicki Jauron | Peregrine Falcon

Brian Doherty | Dunlin

Carole Ryder | Long Tailed Duck

Chistopher Carl Northern Harrier

Dan Fiore | Snow Goose

Heff Stoppe | Red Bellied Woodpeckers

John Martello | Surf Scoter

Kimberly Lechner Sanchez | Pileated Woodpecker

Lisa Nasta | Female Wood Duck

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