By Mike Busch 3-14-2020

I know many of you had one of the craziest weeks in recent memory and stress levels are redlining.  Hopefully, things will not be as bad as we fear and things can get back to normal as soon as possible.  In the meantime, check out some beautiful local wildlife shots this week to help bring the anxiety down a bit.

The Ospreys are back!  One of the surest signs of Spring is the arrival of the Osprey, making the long journey back to our area from Central and Southern America.  Jim Botta posted the first one on the page early in the week and Robert Kaplan captured this week’s cover shot on Friday.  Great job!

With the usual big help from Jim Botta, we have collected some of the best shots this week on the 8 pages below and included some great videos from Natalie Ann on the last page.

Please feel free to share with a friend and try to enjoy the weekend!

Osprey – Jim Botta

Black-Crowned Night Heron & Turtle – Lisa Nadler-Reischer

Cedar Waxwing – Steven Williams

Gray Seal Pup – Branden Kelledy

Killdeer – Raina Angelier

Monk Parakeets – Denise Marie

Northern Gannet – Steven Williams

Northern Harrier – Christopher Carl

Pied-Billed Grebe – Marjorie Huggins

More Photos on Pages 2-8