By Mike Busch

Spring Migration is now underway!  Below we have attached a useful guide from the Eastern Long Island Audubon Society on what to be watching for.

Jim Botta and I have put together another fantastic collection of images from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group on the 8 pages below.  Also don’t miss some more great videos from Natalie Ann on the last page.   This week’s cover shot goes to Dan Fiore with a Belted Kingfisher in flight.

American Wigeon – Daryl Ramrattan

Bald Eagle – Christine Carrion

Belted Kingfisher – Dan Fiore

Common Eider – Christopher Carl

Cooper’s Hawk – Christine Carrion

Dunlin – Brian Doherty

Greater Yellowlegs – Heff Stoppe

Harbor Seal – Joe Kelly

Harlequin Duck – Steven Williams

More Photos on Pages 2-8