By Mike Busch 4-18-2020

The Long Island Wildlife Photography group passed yet another milestone this week, 16,000 members!    Thanks to everyone that helps make this such a fantastic community.

Dan Fiore has a knack for finding some of the rarest birds that visit Long Island and did again this week with the Chukar below.

Chukar – Dan Fiore

This little game bird, originally introduced from Eurasia, is usually at home in high desert plains of Western North America, Hawaii and New Zealand.  Nice find!

Other highlights this week include a nice selection of warblers, shorebirds starting to show breeding plumage and the first babies of the year including the Cygnets on the cover shot by Daryl Ramrattan.  Thanks to Jim Botta for helping pick out another incredible selection of photos this week on the ten pages below.   We also have a full page of videos on the last page.  Have a great weekend, stay safe, and feel free to share!

American Kestrel – Dan Fiore

Bald Eagle & Lunch – Sharon Dorsey

Belted Kingfisher – Theresa Henriksen

Great Egret – Christopher Carl

Double-Crested Cormorant – Arcangelo Amendolare

Great Egret – Ozzie Artphot

Grey Seal Pup – Asia Lee

Groundhog – Michael Busch

More Images on Pages 2-10