By Mike Busch

With some big help from Jim Botta, we have put together another fantastic collection of images and videos posted by members of the Long Island Wildlife Photography group.

This week’s cover shot goes to Tony Fanni with a beautiful Osprey in flight and Natalie Ann continues to impress with her video work with three new videos on page 7.

Feel free to share and have a great weekend!

White-Winged Scoter – Dan Fiore

Eastern Bluebird – Jim Botta

Red-Tailed Hawk & Mouse – Adil Borluca

Alder Flycatcher – Kirk Hatzmann

American Goldfinch – Carole Ryder

Common Loon – Christopher Carl

Bufflehead – Jill Weingold Wendling

Common Mergansers – Bob Schmitz

Harbor Seals – Diane Van Dyke Greco

Hooded Merganser & Bufflehead – Kimberly Lechner Sanchez