By Mike Busch

Sorry I missed last week, I was away with very poor internet service.  However, since Jim Botta took the time to pick the photos we put together a huge collection of some of the best photos from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group taken over the past two weeks.  I tried to cull them down but still ended up with 12 pages of photos!

While I was away, Jim brought to my attention that the group was started on May 12, 2014, marking its 5th anniversary.  I remember coming up with the idea late one night just so I had a place to post my wildlife photos without annoying my non wildlife loving friends on Facebook.  I initially invited about 10 or 15 friends and was happy with that.  Fast forward five years and we now have over 13,000 members with almost all of them active.  Beyond the numbers, it has become a great community to learn together, make friends, and find a place on the internet without most of the noise and nonsense so common on social media.

I want to thank all the members that work together to make this one of the best groups on Facebook (that I know of).

This week’s cover goes to Vicki Jauron that came back to town for a few days with her knack of capturing fantastic light, this time with a group of Cygnets at sunrise.

We also gave Natalie Ann her own page with 5 more videos on page 12.

Feel free to share and have a great weekend!

Black-Necked Stilt – Vincenzo Giordano

Bobolink – Jeanne Eggers

Cygnets – Lisa Glass Fiebert

Forsters Terns – Dolores Albertuzzi

Horned Grebe – Lisa Glass Fiebert

Mute Swan & Cygnets – Daryl Ramrattan

Opossum – Laura Ann

Osprey & 2 Fish – Christopher Carl

Red-Tailed Hawk – Steven Williams

More Photos on Pages 2-12