By Mike Busch

With the usual help from Jim Botta, we have made a compilation of some of the best images this week from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group below.  A few notable finds include Snow Geese, a White Pelican, Rough Legged Hawk, and Common Gallinule.

If you have a few minutes, try to scroll through all 9 pages including four great videos from Natalie Ann who also gets this week’s cover shot with the Common Gallunule.

Feel free to share and have a great weekend!

American Kestrel – Dan Fiore

Belted Kingfisher – Lisa Wollerstein-Whitmore

Cooper’s Hawk – Ashley DiScalfani

Cedar Waxwing – Michael Fannon

Great Blue Heron & Lunch- Tony Fanni

Northern Cardinal – Natalie Ann

Painted Bunting – Brian Doherty

Red Fox – Chris Giroffi

Sharp-Shinned Hawk – Justin DiScalfani

More Photos on Pages 2-9