By Paul Peluso
Thursday Aug 10 2017 we headed off to the Coimbra Wreck 30 miles out of Moriches inlet.  Conditions couldn’t have been better with flat seas, a light breeze, and low humidity.

We were treated to a spectacular Sunrise on the way out on Capt. Adrian Mason’s boat Big Trouble and made the journey in about an hour and had lines in by 6:30 a.m.

We saw a water spout about a mile or so south of the Coimbra and decided to pick up and move in that direction and soon spotted several Fin Whales, a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins and a few boats hooked up with small Tuna.

One of the whales swam close enough to give us a huge and very smelly exhale.  If you have never smelled Whale breath, OMG let me tell you it’s bad they need a GIANT TIC TAC !😂😂😂

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