By Mike Busch

My friend Steve Mackin, a Bellport Village Trustee, alerted me to some potential vandalism at the Bellport Beach Marina that occurred Sunday night.  Steve hadn’t been to the beach to see for himself yet, but reports came in that vandals had damaged the floating dock, smashed the Ho-Hum Beach sign, and knocked over all the fly traps and anything else not nailed down.  The reports also indicated the lifeguard stand and snow fence on the beach were also knocked over.  Last summer, I helped get the word out on some stolen hand made signs that were eventually returned so I figured I could try to help out again.

I went over on Monday evening before the big storms rolled through and took some photos.

I still suspected vandalism but when I got a good look at the floating dock, I couldn’t figure how or why vandals would pull out or bend the support poles.  As you can see, the floating dock was totally bent in from the west- normally it should be completely straight.

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