By Mike Busch 4-9-2020

The Bellport Beach Pavilion survived another winter and despite a slight lean, shows no sign of collapse any time soon.   It also appears a lot of new sand is building up under the structure since the last time I checked mid-winter.  The Pavilion has been separated from the boardwalk and condemned since the late summer of 2018 but has proven extremely resilient even as breaking surf routinely rolls under the structure.  The crew that built this thing should be proud.

Despite that, the beach is still getting beat up with the dune line still moving north and some trees have collapsed onto the beach.  At high tide the ocean reaches the old Burma Road that used to be in the middle of the island not too long ago. has covered this situation since shortly after the structure was re-built after Hurricane Sandy.  Click here to check out some older videos and images as this part of Fire Island has endured some extreme erosion over the last few years.

The images and videos in this feature were taken on Saturday, April 4 2020.

Aerial Photos on Pages 2-4