By Mike Busch

First of all Happy Easter!  We hope everyone and their families are staying safe.  Since Long Island is a Covid-19 hotspot this pandemic is getting very close to home affecting every one of our communities.  So far our local Governments have allowed us the freedom to go out as long as we maintain the social distance guidelines but things may get tougher if people continue to gather in large groups as I saw yesterday.  During times like this the ability to get some fresh air and enjoy our local wildlife is good for both your mental and physical health.   I also know many members of the Long Island Wildlife Photography Group are medical professionals and first responders so please know we all appreciate your heroic efforts in helping our community.

With many members working from home or unfortunately out of work there is some extra time for wildlife photography and it shows on the page.  Jim Botta sent me a huge batch on Thursday and I had to add another four pages going through some of the new photos.  We have also expanded the videos to an entire page.  Facebook videos now play on this website so hopefully we can continue expanding the video offerings.

This week’s cover goes to Robert Kaplan with a fantastic Bald Eagle Shot.

Try to check out all 11 pages (a new record) and feel free to share with a friend that needs a lift.

Common Loon & Crab – Sharon Dorsey

Crow & Osprey & Lunch – Sharon Dorsey

Eastern Bluebird – Lisa Glass Fiebert

Eastern Meadowlark – Jim Triumph

Harp Seal Pup – Cindy Lysen Dickson

Horned Lark – Michael Sparks

Long-Tailed Duck – John M Martello

Monk Parakeets – Frances Aliberti Sansivero

Northern Flicker – Christopher Carl