By Mike Busch

If you missed Part I click here. 

Following up on yesterday’s story about the Bellport Pavilion in Jeopardy, workers from Bellport Village visited the site yesterday and closed off access.  As you will see in some of the photos below, the 26 foot poles that are supposed to only show 10 feet above the sand are completely exposed.  Also the walkway that attaches to the building has dropped and is in danger of collapse.  The structure is not safe and surf from Hurricane Florence continues to churn underneath.  Chip Perry, one of the workers from Bellport Village,  sent me the photo below yesterday after they erected a barrier to keep people off.

Swells from distant Hurricane Florence are rolling onto Fire Island as we speak and water levels appear to be staying high, it will be interesting to see how the Pavilion handles the weekend.

I am not aware of any official plan but will keep updating as the situation evolves.

Below is a live link from the Fire Island and Beyond Surf Cam on top of the Davis Park Casino showing waves covering the beach about two hours before high tide.  I would suggest bookmarking the Surf and Beach Cams to check out the surf for the next few days.  These also play well on mobile phones.

I am glad I was able to go onto the pavilion on Monday evening while it was still open.  The video above and images below were taken with a Nikon D850.