By Mike Busch 2-25-2020

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company is making tremendous progress on restoring the beach just to the west of Shinnecock Inlet.  After seeing the ocean break through the dunes and flood dune road in the Fall it is hard to believe it the same location.  This 24 hour a day operation has also been taking advantage of the tranquil weather conditions, only shutting down once for rough seas one-day last week.   I am told that the initial target date to finish was March 15th but that has been moved up and the Illinois (Cutter Section Dredge) is now scheduled to leave for Louisiana on March 4th.

I got up very early on Sunday morning to catch the Milky Way at Moriches Inlet followed by Sunrise over the project and shot a ton of video and images from the ground and my drone.

Also check out some video and images taken on the overnight shift from one of the guys running the Cat bulldozers on the beach on page 8.

More Photos on Pages 2-8