By Mike Busch 5-21-2020

I checked out Old Inlet last Thursday during one of the lowest tides I can recall outside a storm produced blow-out tide.  It was almost too low to take my boat out as I had to push it off the mud in my slip.  Water clarity was excellent as algae hasn’t started to bloom yet.  Once all the lawn fertilizer flushes into the bay over the next few weeks that should change.

I could be wrong but I suspect it will be much more challenging to get anything but the smallest draft boats inside this year.  Most of the channels have narrowed significantly.  I went in by Kayak on Saturday and saw four different boats get stuck in the short time I was there.  I hope to try again once the tides normalize.

To get an idea on how much the tide can change the appearance of the inlet, check out these photos and videos from May 1st during an extreme high tide.   It almost looks like a different place.  A few people asked to see the full high-resolution photos, click here for a gallery on my other website. 


More Photos on Pages 2-4