By Mike Busch 11-5-19

The emergency dredging operation to save Dune Road in Hampton Bays got started last weekend.   I was there Saturday morning as a pipe was positioned along the west side of Shinnecock Inlet between the bay and the beach.  I spoke to one of the workers and he expected the work to take between 4 and 6 weeks to pump sand from the backside of the inlet and shore up the beach and dune in front of the road, restaurants, and commercial fishing dock.  They started pumping sand before a mechanical breakdown required a shut down waiting for parts.

The three photos below taken Sunday after the work started.

I wanted to get one more look at the area with a normal tide before the work started for some good before and after perspective, taken Saturday morning.  Aerial photos start on pages 3-7.

Did you know that Fireislandandbeyond has three live cams covering the entire beach and marina at Davis Park?  The camera below is the Surf Cam.