By Mike Busch 1-5-18

Considering this is about the 10th or 11th consecutive day below freezing, I was surprised this morning to see all the ice gone from Bellport Bay.

I assume the Northeast winds pushed it west as the rest of the Great South Bay looks jammed tight.  The proximity to the Old Inlet Wilderness Breach is also a factor, allowing warmer ocean water into that part of the bay.

Below is a screenshot from the Davis Park Marina Cam showing solid ice and snow from Fire Island.

Davis Park Casino Marina Cam | 10:00 a.m.

Although the waterfront didn’t have damage or flooding like the North Shore, this ice will still pose a risk to docks and exposed marinas as it rises and falls with the tide.

Another risk will be after the bay starts to thaw and ice can be pushed around by the wind.

The photos on page one were taken from Bellport Dock where the ice is now gone, page 2 is from near Howell’s Point showing the rest of the bay completely frozen.

Be sure to check back at our Weather Tab, there will be a new video weather discussion up shortly with some new video from yesterday’s storm along with all three cameras streaming live from Davis Park. 


Bellport Yacht Club

Looking West toward Howell’s Point

More photos on page 2