On Saturday, November 12th I started getting reports of a Humpback Whale chasing bunker inside of Moriches Inlet.

Ruben Santos Jr. was fishing from the rocks on the west cut and captured video of what looks to be a healthy and feeding young Humpback Whale.

The map below shows the area where Ruben first saw the whale marked by the letter A.

Letter C marks the spot where the Whale grounded a week later.

As you can see from the photo map above, Moriches Bay is no place for a Whale.

At the time I knew this was a big story but I decided to hold back for fear of generating any problems for the Whale.

The thought of a bunch of boats potentially pushing the whale into shallow waters made it a very easy decision.

I initially thought the Whale made it back to the Ocean safely but soon more sightings were reported near the Coast Guard Station and farther east.