By Mike Busch

I got a fresh look at the Old Inlet Wilderness Breach on Saturday to see how 4 Nor’easters may have changed this dynamic area.

I last checked out the inlet after the most powerful of the four storms on March 6th, click here if you missed that. 

In my opinion, it looks like a lot of fresh sand was pushed into the breach and the deepest channel looks to be about as narrow as I have seen and perhaps at risk of closing.   I thought the same thing last year in May and was proven wrong.

As always, I defer to Dr. Charles Flagg of Stony Brook who has been flying over and collecting data on the breach since day 1.    Hopefully he will have a new report out shortly and share that with you.

Fire Island and Beyond has extensively covered the Old Inlet Wilderness Breach, click here to catch up with a ton of footage and images over the years since it opened up in 2012.


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