I returned the following morning to survey the damage and to my surprise, there was another huge school of bunker in the canal.  This time however, they were all still alive and looking very healthy.  Just as the day before, they were chased in by hungry predators.  On this day though, the predators keeping them prisoner appeared to be striped bass.  On several occasions, I watched striped bass race through the schools, grabbing a bunker before quickly disappearing.




On the third day, large bunker schools were still present and once again, predators continued to keep them prisoner.  In addition to striped bass and bluefish, a couple harbor seals had now moved in to take advantage of the situation.  There was also quite a bit of new life swimming around in the canal.  While filming the bunker schools, I noticed schools of bay anchovies, silversides and sand eels.  And in the typical magical fashion of the Shinnecock Canal, I had a surprise swim-by of a longfin squid.