By Fred Greco

With winds subsiding and warmer weather finally on the way, Sunday morning promised to be perfect for a quick Helicopter cruise along the south shore.

I was lucky enough to catch some seat time with Pilot John to enjoy the ride in the Bell Jet Ranger and capture a few images at the same time.

The flight plan was a spin around Robert Moses and the Lighthouse and then west toward Lido Beach.

Some low-lying clouds put a bit of a damper on the sunrise, but once the sun broke out, we had quite the golden hour.

After several passes around the Fire Island Lighthouse and some light-hearted finger-pointing at several fellow photographers down on the beach, we headed west along the south shore, passing over all the popular shooting locations up to Lido Beach, noting the effects of this past winter’s erosion eating away at our barrier beaches.

So, although the early morning light was less than ideal for hand-held aerial photography, we did get a few interesting images depicting some of our favorite places, just from a slightly different perspective.

I hope you enjoy.

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Fire Island Lighthouse

Fire Island Inlet Bridge

Marty Losco saw us pass over.


Democrat Point