We skipped last week’s Best of the Long Island Wildlife Photagraphy group so we could all digest both 2016 year end features.

If you missed them they are both worth a look:

2016 Best of Long Island Wildlife Part I

2016 Best of Long Island Wildlife Part II

This weeks surprise snowfall and bitter cold didn’t slow down the wildlife or the photographers.

Along with the regular mix of winter ducks and raptors we had a few rare birds as well including a Red Headed Woodpecker and a Townshends’s Solitaire.

Cover shot goes to Joe Senzatimore for the Fox with catch in the snow.

Townsend’s Solitaire | Lisa Pisani

Red Tailed Hawk | Brian Doherty

Carolina Wren | John Giglio

Bald Eagle | Jim Simpson

Dark Eyed Junco | Lisa Nasta

Yellow Breasted Chat | Nicky La Pietra