Thanks to members of the Long Island NY Landscape Photography group for submitting their images!

By Trish Minogue Collins

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “Nature always wears the color of the spirit.”  With this in mind, I bring to you the beautiful collective spirit of the members of Long Island NY Landscape Photography group. Now more than ever, we are all connecting through social media. With that in mind, I asked members of this talented Facebook photography group if they would be willing to share more widely the scenes that have brought them comfort in the past weeks, in the hope it will do the same for you.

Nature photography is often a solitary pursuit. It’s in the quiet and the stillness of a sunrise that we connect with nature, renew our souls and are able to create. We are all renewed by the beauty of this island. When stressed, we seek out the sea, the bay, and other familiar scenes for solace. 

There are many things on social media that add to our stress. This photography group is one that seeks to soothe and inspire. British author Charles Leadbeater once said, “You are what you share.” If that is the case, The members of this group are windows to beauty, they communicate the strength of a solitary tree, they are clarity and peace and vision. They show us that not too far in the distance there is a beacon across a beautiful bay. They share the good that is Long Island. Stay strong for each other. Share the good.

Andy Craig

Danielle Leaf – Montauk

Danielle Leaf – Water Mill

Keith Krecji – Southampton

Pat DeLuca – Blue Point

Steve Mitchell – Fire Island

Trish Minogue Collins -Shinnecock Inlet

Renee DeFilippi

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