By Mike Busch

Snow lovers aren’t happy but it seems the local wildlife and the photographers out looking for it are appreciating the mild winter so far.  I notice that my feeders aren’t as active when there is no snow cover and many of the ponds that should be iced over are still full of ducks.  Next week looks like it may never even dip below freezing so it should be a great week to get out there.

With the usual big help from Jim Botta picking the photos, we have put together a big 9-page compilation of some of the best images and videos from the Long Island Wildlife Photography group this week below.

This week’s cover shot goes to Dan Fiore with a River Otter eating a Catfish.  I have never had the pleasure of seeing one of these myself but it is certainly on the bucket list.  River Otters have been making a recovery throughout the Northeast after being nearly wiped out for their fur in the 1800s.  They first started appearing on the North Shore of Long Island in the ’90s, apparently swimming over from Connecticut and are slowly spreading out.   Keeping open spaces and protecting natural estuaries has been the key to the comeback that will hopefully continue.   I have no idea where to find them and won’t ask anyone but will be keeping my eyes peeled!

If you have an extra minute, try to scroll through all 9 pages and don’t miss three more videos from Natalie Ann who is doing some excellent work with her video camera!

Snow Bunting – Liana Merenda-Jonas

Red-Tailed Hawk & Lunch – Joe Kelly

River Otter & Catfish – Dan Fiore

Red-Bellied Woodpecker – Michael Fannon

Red Fox – Barbara Lash

Harbor Seal – Brian Doherty

Common Eider – Liana Merenda-Jonas

Belted Kingfisher – Christopher Carl

Bald Eagle & Goose – Christine Carrion

More Photos on Pages 2-9