By Mike Busch

The Long Island Wildlife Photography group was busy early in the week before a long stretch of dismal rainy weather.  Some notable finds on the 9 pages below include the first Harbor Seals of the season, a Red Crossbill, Northern Gannet, Eastern Wood-Pewee, Pied-Billed Grebe, Eastern Phoebe, Evening Grosbeak, Northern Pintail, American Wigeon, Red-Shouldered Hawk, and Red- Breasted Merganser.

Speaking of seals, Dr. Artie Kopelman starts his guided seal walk season starts Sunday.  That trip is full, but they have 25 more trips scheduled through early May 2021.   It is a great chance to learn about, view, and photograph seals in the wild.   He has had 24,980 seal encounters since 2006. Click here for more info:

Thanks to Jim Botta for helping to pick out the photos and to everyone that contributes to the page.

This week’s cover shot goes to Steven Williams with a beautiful Evening Grosbeak.  Also don’t miss some great videos by Natale on the last page.

Feel free to share and enjoy your weekend!

American Kestrel – John Carmody

Bald Eagle – Jill Weigold Wendling

Bottlenose Dolphins – Jacki Miller Feldbaum

Cooper’s Hawk – Marjorie Huggins

Eastern Bluebirds – Lisa Wollerstein-Whitmore

Evening Grosbeak – Lisa Wollerstein-Whitmore

Great Blue Heron – Jessie Bergman

Greater Yellowlegs & Frog – Jim Colligan

Humpback Whale – Brian Doherty

More Photos on Pages 2-9