By Mike Busch

If you are like me, you had a crazy week and didn’t have a chance to take any wildlife photos or even see any wildlife.  Luckily, the Long Island Wildlife Photography Group has over 11,000 members and as you will see below, captured some incredible scenes once again this week.

The theme this week seems to be baby birds, as mid June seems to be prime time for hatchlings,  nestlings and fledglings.  Now is also the time you may stumble on a baby bird out of the nest.  While the temptation to help is tough to overcome, in most cases it is best to leave it alone or let nature take its course.  You need to remember that young birds face tough odds, with one study estimating that only 30% of young songbirds survive their first year.   This is nature’s way of controlling the population size that the environment can support.  I found a helpful article here on what to do if you find a baby bird that might need help.

For the last few years I have had the pleasure of watching my backyard Red Bellied Woodpeckers feed their young and fledge the nest, but they didn’t survive this year.  I suspect they may have drowned after their hole filled with water during a big rain.

Some notable finds this week include a Red Headed Woodpecker, Tri-Colored Heron, Northern Bobwhite, and Eastern Screech Owl.

This week’s cover shot goes to Vicki Jauron with a fantastic image of a pair of American Oystercatcher chicks.

Dan Fiore | Fox Kits

Vicki Jauron | American Oystercatchers

Barbara Bedell | Bull Frog

Jill Weigold | Bald Eagle vs Duck

Barbara Lash | Yellow Legs

Diane Van Dyke Greco Wood Ducks

Glenn Urquhart |Tri Colored Heron

Kevin Walsh | Red Headed Woodpecker

Robert Kaplan | Black Crowned Night Heron

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