This week we handed to the keys to a relatively new Sun Chaser, Jillixir Marie, to get a fresh perspective.   Jillixir is a CPA licensed in NY and California,  inspired by wind, quilts, and colors in any medium.  

By Jillixir Marie

I always wondered how the Best of Long Island Sun Chasers photo selection process occurred. To my surprise, Michael Busch, Best of LISC master put out a call for others to give it a shot; naturally I jumped at the opportunity!

Being a newcomer to this group and photography as a whole, I thought I would be enlightening to look at the images that others had submitted, with an attempt at appreciating what it was they were trying to convey.  Something in the posts has meaning for the photographer, some with great feeling and more emotionally driven than others. Some inspire contemplation, express the results of challenges, invoke memories, and provide enlightenment, all while eliciting pure feelings of appreciation for our beautiful Long Island, in its seemingly unlimited venues. Oceans, sun, stars and moon shots, boats, flowers, trees, whales, along with countless other sunset and sunrises, the Sun Chasers of Long Island are quite an adventurous group and always deliver.

Each one of us is unique in our capabilities, specialties and preferences. This diversity is what makes this group and the images that are presented so alluring

Below, please find my selection for this week’s Best of LISC.  It may appear a bit different from prior posts, as my personality, color preferences and preferred shooting styles are represented.


Douglas Kelley

Adam Mordetsky | Captree

Andy Craig | Robert Moses

Asia Lee | Statue of Liberty

Brian Cozzie | Captree

Caren Milheron

Cary Meltzer | Camp Hero Montauk

Dave Bruno

Fred Greco