By Mike Busch

I took a break from Facebook this week but thanks to Jim Botta I didn’t miss the amazing photos posted by the Long Island Wildlife Photography group below.  This week things heated up in the Ocean with some great Humpback Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins and even a Smooth Hammerhead Shark!

If you want a chance to see some Whales and Dolphins, our friends from American Princess Cruises with Gotham Whale have gotten clearance to finally start their Whale Watching trips within view of New York City.   They are limiting the number of passengers and following all of the Covid-19 safety regulations to keep everyone safe.  Visit their website here for more information and schedules.

Dr. Artie Kopelman of CRESLI and the Viking Fleet out of Montauk will start their trips next week.  Click here for details.  I highly recommend both trips.

There are also some fantastic shots and videos of this year’s group of immature Bald Eagles, some great macro insects, and a Leucistic Wild Turkey.

This week’s cover shot goes to Michael Witten with an impressive image of a lunge feeding Humpback Whale.

If you have a few minutes try to check out all 9 pages including another stunning video from Natalie Ann on the last page!

American Oystercatcher & Chick – Diana Poulos-Lutz

Bald Eagle – Tony Fanni

Bank Swallow – Christopher Carl

Bottlenose Dolphins – Brian Doherty

Common Yellowthroat & Lunch – Robert Kaplan

Humpback Whale & Bunker – Michael Witten

Fowler’s Toad – Caren Milheron

Great Egret & Lunch – Jacqueline Elizabeth Stoll

More Photos on Pages 2-9