By Mike Busch

The scene on the Bellport shoreline was incredible Sunday morning.  Despite temps well above freezing, the Bay was still mostly frozen from Bellport looking west toward Patchogue.   Looking East beyond the ice, the bay was like a sheet of glass, with the only ripples caused by diving and landing ducks.   On top of that, the sunrise over Fire Island provided a spectacular light over the huge piles of ice that stretched up and down the beach. I took advantage of the tranquil conditions to send the drone over the ice stacks to get a different perspective.

I am glad I did because as you will on page 3, by Tuesday every bit of ice you will see below would be gone.

I posted a gallery and some video from the ground yesterday, click here if you missed that.


Howell’s Point

Bellport Bay and Old Inlet Beyond

Bellport Golf Club 15th Hole

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