The Humpback on the outside was moving in the direction of where K-CUP was logging, it’s on its own. I will stay with the two humpbacks very close to each other right in front of me. One I know is K-CUP the other whale unknown.

Both humpbacks pass within 100 feet from each other and go in different directions, I made the choice of sticking with the unidentified humpback.

I am with the “new” unidentified humpback whale and as time goes by I have many chances to view this whale.

The new whale starts feeding, I start seeing its feeding patterns, its more familiar now.

The new whales dorsal is large, roundish, floppy, bent to the right side and familiar.




I see its Peduncle Ridge and its back bone is sticking out way more than most Humpbacks I see.

Hmmm, I think I know this whale, just need one tell tale sign and it’s not its Fluke but that would be great! The humpback dives down and I see what I need to see, its right side of its peduncle has horrific healed propeller scars and I 100% now know who it is. It is my favorite humpback whale…NYC0011 aka JERRY!!! The humpback known as “Jerry” is back in NYC!

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