By Dr. Artie Kopelman

August 27, 2017

A gorgeous day on the water was made even better by finding 3 humpbacks and spending time with 2 of the 3, a mom/calf pair, identified by Dr. Artie Kopelman as Manhattan and her 2017 calf.

We first met Manhattan 10 years ago in the Great South Channel as the 2007 calf of Appaloosa. We saw Manhattan again in July and August 2009 off Montauk, just about where we saw her this time. While we had to go further on this trip we were rewarded with a beautiful pair of humpbacks, synchronized swimming and diving and many tail throws to the calf.  These were only surpassed by their close approach to the Viking Star on several occasions.  Beautiful to watch.  Even though there was another humpback near us we didn’t have time to spend with it.

Next week perhaps?

Out last trip of the season will be tomorrow September 3rd, please click here for reservations and more information!

Manhattan and her Calf


Calf Close Approach | Note the eye just below the waterline

Calf Lob Tailing