By Mike Busch

I checked out Old Inlet Wilderness Breach on Wednesday morning with a low but incoming tide.  Water clarity was very poor and light wasn’t great but as opposed to last week most of the sand delta was no longer exposed and I found some fairly deep channels.

This area is incredibly dynamic, and depending on the tide looks can look dramatically different week over week.  I last visited on April 23rd where it looked entirely different with acres of exposed sand.

This time I got a better look at the mouth of the inlet and outside, and from what I could tell there are several deeper channels out into the ocean.  It also looked good for fisherman, at the 30 second mark in the video you can see Northern Gannets diving for bait fish.

It was also nice to see a colony of about 20 Harbor Seals have taken up residence on Pelican Island, the former home of the Pattersquash Gun Club.  They should be heading north soon.

I included a few photos of the seals on page 4.