Unlike the blue bird day we had the last time, Thursday had some gusty winds out of the west making for a bumpy flight.  In hindsight I should have cranked up my shutter speed to account for all the turbulence and overall wasn’t thrilled with my photos.  You can see how bouncy things are in the video below, taken with a GoPro.


Once we arrived at the Inlet, Dr. Flagg got the plane to around 2500 feet and started his pre planned flight path, basically flying back and forth over the inlet in a grid pattern to get all the video for the mosaic photo below.

Photo by Dr. Flagg

We continued the grid pattern for the next 15 minutes or so and then headed back to the airport.   As you can see the inlet has narrowed and appears to have to be clogging up with sand.  I will follow up with Dr. Flagg’s report for his expert opinion on what is happening.


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