Five years ago this weekend, Hurricane Sandy swept over Long Island and left a permanent mark on Fire Island.

Beyond the shock of a new inlet and the controversy about what to do with it,  many local residents lament losing one of the most pristine beaches to be found anywhere on Fire Island.

For several generations Old Inlet provided Brookhaven boaters a beautiful marina with boardwalk access to the ocean.

Unlike most beaches this was a place with no rules, fees, facilites or proof of residence.  Just a dock, boardwalk, and like minded people.

Just across from the Marina sat the Pattersquash Gun Club on Pelican Island, a great looking hunting shack with a dock, outhouse, and membership that passed between generations of family and friends.

I will follow up with pictures during and after the storm.

For some more background please see these other recent features on the Old Inlet Breach here and here.

The images below were all taken before Sandy wiped everything out and created the new Inlet that is still a very hot topic today.

From Top of Gun Club | 8-27-2005





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