From time to time, Fire Island and Beyond features talented photographers from all over Long Island to showcase some of their favorite images.  This next installment is from Linda Karlin, a member of the Long Island Sun Chasers.  While we have never met, Lynda’s unique style always catches my eye.  Besides her style, I also enjoy her perspective from Western Long Island and in particular Long Beach.

By Linda Karlin

I live and teach in Valley Stream and  am married to my wonderful husband Alan.  Approximately 10 years ago one of the teachers came in with the Nikon D70 that immediately piqued my interest.   I was shooting at the time with a point and shoot and knew I had to take the plunge.   A few months later I purchased my first DSLR and a whole new world opened up for not only me but for my students.

I have learned so much more about our world from just being immersed in photography.  I have also made it part of my classroom.   At school, I have a weekly photo contest using one of my photos.  The children have to come up with a title for the shot.    The titles are wonderful and the first place winner gets to keep the photo.  Children who have graduated still come to me and tell me that they still have the photo in their room.  Photography has taken my husband and I to places we would never have imagined or considered to visit. When I retire from teaching, our  world will definitely expand to new and wonderful places.  Finally, a wonderful perk to this all, is the wonderful people that I have come to know through the Long Island Sun Chasers on Facebook.  Thank you so much for including me and hopefully enjoying my photography.

As I always say: I am a work in progress, always learning.

To see more of Linda’s work visit her pages at 500 PX and Fine Art America.