I have had the pleasure of  knowing Vicki Jauron of Babylon and Beyond Photography since shortly after I got into photography in a serious way back in 2012.  As one of the original members of the Long Island Wildlife Photography group, Vicki’s National Geographic quality work has always stood out from the rest of us.  Vicki’s has a knack for not only finding great subjects to shoot but also finding them in fantastic angles, lighting, and composition.  Vicki was nice enough to find some time during her move to share a few thoughts about leaving Long Island and included a fantastic collection of  some of her favorite wildlife images taken here.  Be sure to check out all 8 pages and check out here website for more fantastic work. 
As my husband and I meander through the chaos of packing up 35 years worth of accumulations,  I can’t stop thinking about how much I will miss Long Island   It’s been a great place to raise my daughter, and it’s been an amazing place for me to find joy in nature.  Taking up photography over the last eight years has helped me appreciate the unique beauty of our island.  Enjoy it and never take it for granted!   I am filled with gratitude not only for having had the opportunity to experience the beauty of our island and it’s feathered and furred friends, but also to share that enthusiasm with like-minded nature seekers.  Whether we met on the beach or at a park, or whether we just shared comments on Facebook, I’ve been inspired by, learned from, and thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie.  Thank you so much, Mike, for building this platform for us to easily connect and learn from each other and thanks to all of you for your friendship.  We are the stewards of our environment and I believe that sharing our appreciation for the wonder of our natural world, can help preserve and inspire positive change.   So continue your good work, and I wish you many wonderful wildlife encounters.  And remember, if you aren’t getting sand in your pockets or goose poop on your clothes, you need to get down lower for more intimate and engaging images of the little ones.  Oh, and don’t blow out those highlights!
I’ll leave you with just one image of each of my favorite wildlife subjects shot here on Long Island.
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