By Mike Busch

Bitter Cold and biting winds didn’t  hold back the Long Island Wildlife Photography group this week as they fanned out and brought back some great images.

Speaking of the cold, the forecast looks brutal with the temperature staying below freezing well into next week.  This kind of weather is also tough on the wildlife.  There are no insects flying around and if we get some snow as expected, the normal forage seeds and berries will be harder to get.  If you maintain a feeder it would be a good time to top it off.

Some notable finds you will see below include a few King Eider mixed in with Common, an Eastern Red-Spotted Newt, a late season Baltimore Oriole and another Mountain Bluebird.

Also on page 3 is a great photo of Northern Gannet diving for fish.  That will be our next Bird of the Week so if you have Gannet photos get them ready!

This week’s cover photo goes to Lisa Nasta with a great image of a female Hooded Merganser with a catch.

As another great year comes to a close I want to thank all the members that make the Long Island Wildlife Photography Group one of the best places on the internet.   I also want to thank all the administrators that help out and keep things running smoothly!

Stay warm and have a Happy New Year!


Jimmy Johnny | Brant

Alex Roukis | Eastern Red-Spotted Newt

Barbara Lash | Northern Shoveler

Dan Fiore | American Coot

Chuckie Mo | Common and King Eider

Jeanne Eggers | Red Tailed Hawk

Heff Stoppe | Red Bellied Woodpecker

Jason Frank | Female Long Tailed Duck

Jacqueline Elizabeth Stoll | Mallard