By Mike Busch

The Long Island Wildlife Photography group continues to impress, with a stunning collection of images taken this week on the 6 pages below.  Thanks again to Jim Botta for helping pick out the images.  Some standouts this week include Turkey Vultures, a Horned Grebe, American Coot, and a bunch of Hawks and Bald Eagles.

Now that March is here, there is still time to see Seals before they head north for the Winter.  I checked in with Dr. Artie Kopelman of CRESLI yesterday who tells me he has openings for his guided Seal Walks on both Saturday and Sunday mornings this weekend.  For more information on the walks, click here.

For a bigger adventure, you could consider a Seal Watching Tour with CRESLI and the Viking Fleet out of Montauk.   This three-hour cruise to Plum Island, Great Gull Island, and Little Gull Island provides a great opportunity to see a huge colony of massive Grey Seals along with Harbor Seals and perhaps Hooded and Harp seals as well.  Artie provides a wealth of information and the boat is big and comfortable.   I went last year and had a blast, even catching a glimpse of a Snowy Owl on one of the islands as a bonus.  Trips are scheduled for March 9th, March 23rd, and April 6th.  Click here for more information.

This week’s cover goes to Dan Fiore with a great shot of a group of Harbor Seals.

If you have a minute, try to scroll through all 6 pages and have a great weekend!

Turkey Vultures – Jeanne Eggers

Red Tailed Hawk – Danielle Hathaway Leef

Peregrine Falcon – Heff Stoppe

Black Scoter – Jim Botta

Jimmy Johnny – Horned Grebe

Bald Eagle – Frances Aliberti Sansivero


Brian Doherty – Dunlin

Rob Farrell – Great Blue Heron

Harbor Seal – Janis Hurley

Northern Harrier – Jim Botta

More Photos on Pages 2,3,4,5, and 6