Around 2 pm we were up to 85 fish with 7 keepers.  Little did we know that the best fishing was about to start!

The birds and fish were boiling right next to the boat I told Michael to send up his drone and get this blitz on video. Michael did just that and he got some amazing footage of the boat and us catching fish like mad.

The fish started to get picky and eating real tiny Bait luckily I still had my Hogy Epoxy Albie jigs on board and we started to catch even more fish.  Check out the short video below.


Knowing we had an hour ride back home the plan was to leave at 3:00 but with Striped Bass all over the place and birds going crazy we had to stretch it out.

Michael Busch landed the last fish of the day, our 13th keeper the biggest of the day at 35 inches!

Final tally was one Humpback Whale and 111 Striped Bass.

With that we were running out of daylight and decided to head in. We only kept our legal limit of 3 fish releasing 109 striped bass to grow bigger.

This was one of the best days I could remember fishing 🎣